Does Your Glass Cleaner Freeze in the Winter?

If you’re responsible for ensuring your fleet’s windows are clean and you’re relying on a glass cleaner that freezes in cold temperatures, cleaning is more than a pain; it’s a problem.

Instead of leaving the windows clean and spotless, your glass cleaner turns to ice and sludge. Not good.

Fortunately for you, Bradley Systems helps you defend your fleet against the cold weather with our GL-696 winter-weight, aerosol glass cleaner. While the GL-696 works all year around, it was designed specifically to withstand freezing temperatures as low as 6.4º F – without freezing or turning into sludge. GL-696 doesn’t just resist the freezing temperatures: it’s effective at cutting through the grimiest glass for a spotless, streak-free surface, too.

Because Bradley’s glass cleaner is people-safe, no personal protection is required for use – making it an easy choice for fleet maintenance managers in any climate.

Learn more about our GL-696 glass cleaner here.

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