Bradley’s RTX-9 Turbo is ideal for automobile and truck fleets with a strenuous amount of cleaning requirements. Continue reading to discover more about this All-Purpose Heavy-Duty Cleaner Degreaser.

Engines in automobiles, commercial gear, and machinery are susceptible to dirt, oil, and grease deposits. These coatings obstruct thermal performance, resulting in overheating engines, lower fuel economy, and higher oil demand. You can even stain your clothes while attempting to repair the engine. Other than the engine, you may need to clean the exteriors of the car, tires, floors, dashboards, etc.

For that, we have something for you. It’s named RTX-9 Turbo, and it’s a cleaner degreaser that takes care of pests and grime quickly. You can tidy up the car without disassembling it by using this heavy-duty cleaner created from a strong solution that is suitable for all materials.

What is RTX-9 Turbo?

RTX-9 Turbo is an all-purpose cleaner degreaser developed by Bradley Systems. It can successfully remove insect guts and bird excrement from automobiles and trucks, as well as buildings, surfaces, machinery, gear, and conveyor belts. It can also be used to clean steering wheels, dashboards, seats, motors, floor mats, tires, and just about everything else you could picture. That’s why RTX-9 Turbo is so popular with clients. It’s the all-purpose cleaner you can trust for even the dirtiest situations.

Cleaning Technology & Formula

Bradley Systems has built a reputation for technologically superior commercial cleaners in the industry with over 25 years of expertise. With strong, adaptable, and ecologically friendly goods, Bradley is setting a route in the sector. Bradley’s cleaning solutions make it easier to remove bugs, clean interiors and exteriors, and clean windows without the need for multiple cleaners with various applications. Fleet cleanup will not get any smoother than this, with streamlined shipping along with dilution choices and nontoxic formulations that eliminate the need for protective measures.

Similarly, the RTX-9 Turbo cleaner provides a contaminant-free method of removing pests from cars, facilities, and machinery. Don’t confuse this eco-friendly cleaner with an ineffective formulation. The container conceals a diverse and powerful mixture that is simple to pour down the drain.

Furthermore, in industrial applications, this heavy-duty cleaner will cut through heavy-duty adhesives, grease, and sludge oil. It is also ideal for cleaning out insect guts, bird excrement, and the toughest worksite situations. It is made with organic components that satisfy strict toxicity criteria (California Clean Air Rule 1171). RTX-9 Turbo minimizes the carbon footprint while not dumping harmful substances into public drains.

Features & Benefits

For instance, you don’t want an item that contains unpleasant, harsh, or irritating elements. No one likes to be in a locked room with that kind of combination. With the RTX-9 Turbo, you get a biodegradable cleaner with no potential health risks as no need for safety gear. You’ll develop a fondness for your Turbo container since it’s powerful enough to cut through filth in small amounts.

The RTX-9 Turbo cleaner is a non-corrosive, heavy-duty degreaser that is suitable to use on the move. This mixture vastly enhances the degreasing and oil removal process. The abrasive-free cleaning is gentle on the skin and eyes. It is ideal for heavy-duty cars, car fleets, internal scrubbing (both steering and dashboards), flooring and mats, gear and large machinery, basic facilities and common usage spaces, and much more.

It can clean and degrease most surfaces easily. It cuts through and removes carbon deposition, oil, tar, dirt, grease, and adhesives. There is no waste and it doesn’t harm any engine components, supplies, or gears.


Overall, stocking your detailing inventory with the RTX-9 Turbo cleaner increases adaptability and cleaning efficiency. Furthermore, it performs flawlessly while posing no risks, making it ideal for use in the home. You can use it to clean steering wheels, seat covers, tires, the dashboard, and any other filth that gets in its road. It sells in a little bottle for portability and usage on the go. The greatest feature is that the RTX-9 Turbo is easily obtainable from the Bradley official website. Buy today and begin the transition to a cleaner fleet.

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