Fleet Covered in Bug Guts? Time to Try RTX 9 Turbo.

Cleaning cars and trucks day in and day out is a pain in the ass to begin with. Cleaning cars and trucks caked in fossilized bug guts and bird crap while the stifling summer heat slowly turns you into a miserable pile of sweat and defeat? Now we’re approaching the Seventh Circle of Hell. 

If you’ve been there, we’ve got something you’ll like. It’s a cleaner degreaser called RTX-9 Turbo, and it gets rid of bugs fast.  

Clean bugs (and pretty much everything else) the easy way

If you like things easy, you’ll like Turbo. Not only is it formulated to get rid of even the most stubborn bugs with minimal elbow grease, it also works on pretty much everything else you can throw at it — which means you can throw out a lot of unnecessary cleaners. 

Our customers use Turbo on car exteriors, tires, engines, dashboards, carpets, floors, facilities, conveyor belts… we’ve even heard from customers who use it as laundry detergent and dog shampoo. Not exactly what we had in mind when we made the stuff, but hey — if it works, it works. 

Turbo is biodegradable and has no health warnings, and if your fleet is carrying food, you can use RTX-9 Turbo Food Grade, which is NSF-registered food safe and just as good at bug removal. 

Best of all, both RTX 9 Turbo and RTX 9 Turbo FG are available directly from the Bradley website. Purchase today and get started toward a cleaner fleet.

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