The Easiest Way to Remove Adhesive Residue

Here’s the thing about a lot of stickers and other adhesives. They’re fine when they’re on, but when you’re trying to remove them — they’re a pain in the ass.  

Take rental cars as an example. We have a number of customers who are in charge of maintaining rental fleets, and there’s a certain car maker (we won’t name names, but let’s just call them Nissan) that sends rental cars to the lot with a sticker on the back overlapping with the trunk. 

Scraping these stickers off and then trying to remove the adhesive residue is about as fun as trying to pry someone’s chewed gum off the sidewalk. It’s such a time-suck that some people take to extreme measures like using carcinogenic chemicals and other harsh solutions that put their health at risk and end up damaging the car half the time.  

Not great. And that’s just one example — but you get the idea. 

So what’s the easiest, fastest way to remove adhesive residue without using a flamethrower?

By using Bradley’s Auto-Safe Adhesive Remover. It removes the residue fast without damaging the surface or exposing you to dangerous chemicals. 

To use:  

  • Spray 
  • Wait 20 seconds 
  • Scrape (the plastic scraper comes with the spray) 
  • Wipe 

For safety sheet and to order Bradley’s Auto-Safe Adhesive Remover, head here. 

We made a video that shows how it works. 

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