RTX-9® All-Purpose Degreaser Wipes2022-09-12T21:17:51+00:00

The newest addition to the RTX-9® product line, adds heavy-duty cleaning and degreasing performance to the convenience of a wipe. There’s no diluting, no mixing. Simply pull out a wipe and you’re ready to clean. These pre-moistened wipes work to dissolve, loosen and absorb dirt and soils. Clean soap scum, grease, oils, adhesives, you name it. From sinks and countertops; to tools, workbenches, and equipment,  RTX-9® All-Purpose Degreaser Wipes is the one product needed to get the job done. Gentle enough to clean your hands, yet strong enough to break tough dirt and grime.

RTX-9 Degreaser Wipes

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