Strong smells often permeate very potently within vehicles. For rental car companies and fleet management product suppliers, swapping a high volume of passengers in and out of a confined interior can quickly lead to a combination of odors. From food and sweat to pets and cosmetics, eventually, the residual smell becomes too steeped to simply “air out.”

Committed to taking on the problem of permeating odors, the company developed a breakthrough formula for combatting them. Adding to its line of well-reviewed products, Bradley Systems created a biodegradable spray, OdorBouncer™ that encapsulates and neutralizes odors on a molecular level.

This highly effective odor neutralizer provides a drastic, deep-reaching treatment to seats, surfaces, and upholstery, but contains no corrosive chemicals and can be used without protective equipment. The non-toxic formula removes odors from food, cigarettes, garbage, and mildew. At the same time, it remains biodegradable, free of synthetic fragrances, and completely safe for people and animals.

Drivers, car service, and car rental companies often utilize fragrance-heavy sprays designed to “mask” the presence of unpleasant odors that don’t complete the job. True to its name, OdorBouncer™ effectively “bounces” the odor altogether and replaces it with no discernible overlay.

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